Personal Budgets

Social care has been undergoing a quiet revolution in recent years as the ‘personalisation’ of healthcare gets rolled out across the UK. For people with learning disabilities or people experiencing mental health issues this is very significant. The health system is moving from one where therapeutic opportunities were prescribed to people, to one where a person is assessed for a specific level of financial support from the local authority and then chooses what to do to meet their intended outcomes. This financial support is known as a ‘personal budget’. We feel this is a very positive move in social care to empower people’s choice as this in turn can help promote people’s well being.

Many students at Wildgoose Rural Training Centre access the activities we do through using their personal budgets. We are experienced in how they work and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Student Andrew Lee’s parents Kevin and Shirley, “Andrew has attended Wildgoose Rural Training Centre for over 10 years and really enjoys going there. We accessed a personal budget for Andrew to pay for his days and Wildgoose Rural Training Centre understood how this worked and were very helpful. We recommend that anybody with a personal budget looking for truly meaningful day opportunities in a supportive environment should take a look at what Wildgoose Rural Training has to offer”.

Our A4 information sheet for people with learning disabilities can be downloaded here.

Most people who access the centre come to us with family or friends or their social worker for a look around first. All are very welcome with centre manager Noelle looking after these visits and giving a guided tour. We do ask that an appointment is made. Prior to this you may wish to get a good idea of what we do by watching our short film on YouTube.
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To download a high quality version of the film to watch on your computer, click here (approx 3 minutes to download).

Colin inspecting the dogwood cuttings.. “I’ve got a lot to do! It’s fantastic here, I really enjoy it”.