Welcome to our care farm website

Wildgoose Rural Training Centre is a 1.5 acre small holding, providing opportunities for all people interested in working with the land and animals to get involved, receive training and have some fun along the way. We started back in 2000 on bare land reclaimed after gravel extraction. Ten years later and with a lot of teamwork, the site has beautiful gardens and tremendously productive vegetable beds whose produce is sold in local shops. We also have green buildings, a teaching kitchen, craft facilities, a classroom and workshops. We have well cared for goats, pigs and poultry to interact with and the wider farm estate enhances the breadth and scale of the projects on offer.

We pride ourselves on being inclusive and personal with staff and students creating a happy family atmosphere where everyone can thrive. We have well qualified staff all with teaching qualifications and the flexibility to teach a variety of subjects. We also have a number of long term volunteers, who contribute in practical or supportive ways to the centre.

Ed “You mix with all your friends and get involved with all different activities and that’s why I enjoy coming here”.

Wendy “Its given me a lot more confidence because I was very nervous before I started here, but now I really enjoy coming”.